MR project, group 2: Tabula rasa

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Mixed Reality project
  • Dirk Sonneveld (TVG 2)
  • Lisa Louwers (TVG 2)
  • Lucinda Bouten (TVG 2)
  • Ramir P. von Bannisseht (DVTG 3)
  • Rik de Rooij (DVTG 3)
  • Alex Giesche ATW (Giessen, Duitsland)
  • Maika Knoblich ATW (Giessen, Duitsland)

The second student project group has been researching the potential of live drawing with light on 3D objects. Although they had many ideas the end result focuses on the simple aesthetics of live drawing itself. The white character head has been designed with a 3D computer program, printed out on paper and folded into an analogue 3D head. A procedure briefly explained in video chapter three of the full video registration of the Performance Lecture Mixed Reality

Below you can see the chapter four video showing the Tabula rasa performance. In the second half of this video Marcel Alberts gives his reflection on the piece. Scroll further down to see the photos for a quick impression.

Foto’s: Lucinda Bouten, Stefanie Bonte, Kimberly van Eijk,  Joris Weijdom.

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