MR project, Group 1: Häcka

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Mixed Reality project
  • Iwein Reimerink (DVTG 3)
  • Joyce Lieshout (TVG 2)
  • Kimberly van Eijk (TVG 2)
  • Merel van der Lande (TVG 2)
  • Nadja Turlings (TVG 2)
  • Wilbert Schuurman Hess (DVTG 3)

Häcka is an experiment with video projection on translucent screens. The performance is designed to be a loop that could potentially run forever.

A queen is floating in abstract space absorbing energy of dead moths lying on the floor. When critically energized she gives birth to a new generation of moths. They fly around the space and eventually die and drop to the floor. Their life energy is floating upward and is being absorbed by the queen closing the perfect cycle of life and death.

When the the flock of new moths die and fall to the floor a large quantity of paper moths fall from the theatre ceiling in front of the audience in an attempt to give the moths a physical presence.

Because of the light situation the video camera’s have captured only a fraction of the actual piece. In the very first 2 minutes of the full video presentation of the Performance Lecture Mixed Reality an impression of the  actual performance can be seen. Or have a look at the photos below for better quality images.

Foto’s: Lucinda Bouten, Stefanie Bonte, Kimberly van Eijk,  Joris Weijdom.

Slide 6

•Iwein Reimerink DVTG 3
•Joyce Lieshout TVG 2
•Kimberly van Eijk TVG 2
•Merel van der Lande TVG 2
•Nadja Turlings TVG 2
•Wilbert Schuurman Hess DVTG 3

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