DSC_0125At the Research Group Virtual Theatre we feel that our findings can not be captured in text and video alone. For this reason we are organizing two so-called ‘Performance Lectures’ in the period of 2009-2010. Our understanding of this term is the combination of an actual lecture with performative (read theatrical) elements or moments. The lecture is meant to actually convey information we’ve gathered through our research through practice and the performative elements as illustrations of the principles that are presented. Thus, hopefully, turning rational information into a more full and sensory experience.

The two research fields of the Research Group Virtual theatre; Mixed reality and Interfaces, will be the subject of the Performance Lectures. The first lecture will also be a presentation of the installations that are produced by students as part of the Mixed reality Project.

Performance Lecture Mixed reality

17 december 2009, Akademie theater, Utrecht.

This lecture is about what Mixed Reality is, its technological developments and its relevance for theater and performance. In between the lecture four theatrical experiments are performed by students as part of the mixed Reality project.

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Performance Lecture Interface

19 june 2010, grote zaal Huis aan de Werf, Utrecht.

This Lecture summarizes and shows the results of the 3 year research on the influence of interactive digital technology on the theatre making process. This presentation is partly mixed with live demonstration and theatrical moments to illustrate the principles presented.

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digiflyer_PL Interface