On the 19th of June 2010 we gave a presentation with theatrical elements called ‘Performance Lecture Interface’. The lecuture summarizes and shows the results of the 3 year research on the influence of interactive digital technology on the theatre making process. The two hour presentation consists of:

  1. chronological overview of the research phases
  2. live-demonstration of the so-called Performance Engine
  3. case-studies based on the three LABs of 2009-2010
  4. practise based indicators on the theoretical  consequences of the research

Below you can watch the video, cut into 17 thematic short video’s in two major parts. Please select a chapter of interest or lean back and view the full presentation. The video’s are at 1280P Full-HD quality! Please select a resolution appropriate for your Internet connection.

PART ONE (scroll down for part 2)

PART TWO (scroll up for part 1)