Because of our research through practise aproach our didactic strategies are mostly based on project-based learning.The difference with the workshops and courses we do is the nature of its final product and presentation. Where workshops and courses are mostly focused on learning certain skills and tools projects do have a clear presentation deadline for an external audience. This of course has a major impact on the making process and the skills learned.

The Research Group Virtual Theatre works closely with several departments within the Faculty of Theatre.  Two large projects have been executed within an educational framework:

  1. Project Morphosis

    In may 2009 we initiated the project Morfose in collaboration with the department of Design for Virtual Theatre and Games (DVTG). The students where asked to use the Performance Engine and at the same time explore its theatrical potential. At the 25th of june the results where presented to an audience in the Academy Theatre in Utrecht.

  2. Project Mixed reality

    At the end of 2009 we initiated the Mixed reality project. A cooperation with the department of Design for Virtual Theatre and Games (DVTG) and the department of theatre design (TVG). In this project the ‘mix’ of physical- and virtual space is explored in a theatrical context. Also here the students will make use of the Performance Engine with an emphasis on the usage of the 3D engine.