The research group Virtual Theatre works mostly by research through practise. This is organised in two different types of activity:

To test hypothesises, develop tools, quickly prototype technology and idea’s. And to create space for spontaneous exploration and invention we create so-called laboratories or LABs. In the different LABs the focus lies in the creative making process itself and has not necessarily a finished product as a goal. The LABs itself are divided into two types: Test LABs and Performance LABs.

To use the technology that is developed in the LABs, test creative idea’s and work in larger inter-disciplinairy groups we initiate projects. In projects there is an aim for a final product, either being a presentation / performance or a publication of any kind. Also the project format is more used in an educational context. The educational projects can be found under Education/Projects.

Have a look at our current project called ‘The Performance engine‘ or have a look at our finished project called ‘The Respons(e)ible project‘.

Ofcourse in practise most ideas have a logical progression from theoretical concept to first prototype being developed and tested in a LAB to it being developed in a project towards a more product oriented form.