DVTG Winteracademie – Lauf der Data workshop

(In cooperation with Jonas Hielscher).

In January 2007 we did a workshop in cooperation with the artist / researcher Jonas Hielscher. The goal of the workshop was to learn the students the basic usage of the software MaxMSP. We wanted to see if it was possible to create a presentable art-installation in a very short time-frame (4 days). In this way testing the quick-prototyping capabilities of both our students and tools offered.

The workshop was inspired by the art-piece ‘Der Lauf der Dinge’ van Fischli en Weiss where various physical processes activate each other in a successive order. In our workshop the students where divided in 5 groups, each having 1 computer. In the final piece those 5 computers had to activate each other in a certain order but they where not allowed to do so through a digital signal.

Next to a introduction to MaxMSP the students where shown simple sensors and the usage of a Arduino board.

Have a look at our 20 minute video documentary about the process and its final result.