TRAC system online

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To manage the project we’ve setup a TRAC facilty on the servers of Z25. The TRAC facility uses a subversion repository which we can use to exchange documents and development files. The TRAC facililty uses the following terms: Roadmap, milestones and tickets. Think of it as tickets are the todo’s which need to be done to reach a milestone.

The TRAC facility exports the roadmap as an iCal calendar which you can integrate in your agenda (Google Calendar?). Use the following url:

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  1. Joris Weijdom Says:

    Just posted a first planning on the TRAC system.

  2. Bas Haas Says:

    The repository browser is still a bit new to me, but…you made an awesome start with the documentation. I’ll make sure i will get myself updated asap on the proper use of the SVN.

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