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Intersection workshop

Below you can read our workshop proposal as send to the Scenofest organisation.

Outline of Proposed Workshop of max 300 words

In this two day workshop students are invited to explore the possibilities of combining or mixing analogue and digital space. Students are asked to find a new visual language in the intersection of these spaces. Special attention is given to the challenge to create meaning and interaction between these spaces instead of only doubling space by using projection.

Both 2D and 3D digital graphics are projected on a physical space in a perpectively correct way. To facilitate this exploration 3D engine software and projection mapping techniques[1] are used. The physical space will be a scale model for practical reasons. The graphics are not mere static videos but live interactive environments. For which parts of the Performance Engine will be used. Depending on the time simple forms of live interaction are explored.

In day 1 students are introduced to the context of this workshop through live demonstration and examples from the professional field. Through short tests the students can gather hands-on experience. At the end of the day the students are divided in 5 groups with the assignment to conceptualize and design their vision on the intersection of analogue and digital 3D space

In day 2 the students can work on their concept into a presentable form which will be presented to each other. Attention is given to pre-visualization techniques and the usage of working demos as a ‘proof of concept’. The last part of the day will be used for reflection and brainstorming about future use of this technology, its artistic potential and consequences for the professional field.

More information on the Performance Engine:

Mixed Reality project:

Intended Learning Outcomes – What would you like all the participants to gain from the session?

  1. A deeper understanding of the potential and consequences of using projected digital space in an analogue environment form a design-, technical and dramaturgical point of view.
  2. A good impression on the qualities of live ness and interaction in the intersection of analogue and digital space.
  3. Hands-on experience with accessible high tech tools.
  4. An inspiring introduction to the latest developments in Mixed Reality technologies and its potential for theatre (design) and performance.

Discipline Focus of the Workshop

The workshop focuses on two main aspects in designing an intersection between analogue and digital space:

  1. What visual language is needed to create a true interplay between analogue and digital space?
  2. How do you conceptualize and design such a ‘mixed space’?

[1] Through projection mapping techniques the system can project perspectively correct 2D and 3D interactive graphics on an analogue 3D environment thus compensating for the visual distortion that normal projection on 3D objects would have.


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