1st meeting with Huis ad Werf

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Yesterday we had a first meeting with the staff of Huis aan de Werf about our project Bodycount. Mostly we discussed practical issues like budget, facilities and planning. The weekend in which we will present our installation to the public will be at 14,15 and 16th of February 2008, and will be called : “Soiree des Ateliers; Theatre & Games”.

“Huis en Festival a/d Werf is the public platform in Utrecht where young artists can develop their work. Every week, guest companies tread the boards, while new work is created in the studios. Art for now and art of the future, together under one roof. In May, the festival takes the city of Utrecht as its stage, to present the most beautiful, exciting and best productions we have to offer at surprising locations, indoors and in the open air.”
(From the website of Huis ad Werf)

It is estimated that every evening we should take into account that we will have to serve about a hundred people. This is a serious challenge because our best estimation is that a full body scan will take at least 10 minutes per person. With the current concept we could handle only 6 people per hour which then means only 18 to 24 visitors can actually see the installation per evening. Point is that we cannot at this present time accurately estimate how long a full bodyscan will take on the basis of the first test we have done with the DAVID laserscan software. So we have agreed that we will do a preliminary test at 14th till the 19th of november.

So we are now preparing ourselves for the big setup. Also we are already considering 4 people at the same time. And having the installation in three parts: 1st is the scanning, 2nd is the filling in of the profile and third is the ‘game’ with four players (and their ‘clones’). This means that we handle 4 people at intervals of 15 minutes, which is 64 people in one evening!

Next to the bodyscan part we are now researching the possibilities for the 3D engine we want to use. At first we are looking at Virtools, but also Machinima style of 3D engine use is interesting. Currently we are looking at the possibilities of Moviesandbox a tool from Friedrich Kirschner and the work of Daniel van Gils who is working with the Doom3 engine.

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