Testingdays Performance Engine – Day 7

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Performance engine v02

P1010250.JPGToday at three we gave a presentation for a few students of the Theatre Education department, Evert Hogendoorn the head of DVTG and Sabine Dehne temporary head of the Actors department. Tracking seems to work stable but making connections through the Statemachine is not yet presentable. Surround sound and 2D engine do their job but Unity 3D and the adapted Miyu patch seems to crash about every 10 minutes!

Sabine was questioning to what extend an actor could function within the reactive environment that we presented especially if there is no clear dramatic context. Also she mentioned that theatre-makers first need to create this context before actors could step in the making process. With some reservations she is however open to see if we can set up some collaborative small projects. We’ll see…

One student in particular is interested in the usage of IR-led tracking. We have come to the conclusion however that the special IR-leds we bought are still not powerfull enough to be used beyond 4 meters and in changing (theatre) light conditions. We have tested also with the WII-mote camera to make sure. We now conclude that the actual brightness is in fact comparable with conventional IR-leds, the fact that they seem to be three times brighter is compensated with its whopping 140 degree angle, thus resulting in the same brightness from a single reference point (like a camera). We put three IR-leds together to see if that makes any difference. Also we can imagine using some sort of bike-light container for re-focussing the LEDs back to a more concentrated beam… more on this later.

Through the ppresentation we have looked at the constant crashing of unity 3D and the adapted Miyu version. When looking at the hardware resources like the CPU and physical memory we discovered a memory leak! Now we have to start over with the Miyu patch. Eventually we have actually rebuild everything ourselves in MaxMSP, the only thing we’re still using is the communication script over TCP-IP between Unity and MaxMSP.

End of the day…  Suddenly the Statemachine is working. Have a look at the movie below where we show the basic workflow of the Statemachine. In this case we make a link between the WII-mote A+B buttons and the triggering and playing of a video from the 2D (video) engine. A milestone!

[media id=10 width=560 height=304]

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