Testingdays Performance Engine – Day 6

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Performance engine v02

StatemachineA traditional setback in the development process has happened. Connecting all the systems together shows some fundamental problems in the way they communicate. Sil has designed a custom protocol for sending and receiving data over UDP, we have named SIL.UDP. Every system communicates in two distinct steps; first it sends a INIT file explaining the amount and names of all the variables that will be sended, secondly it will start streaming these variables. The structure of this information uses <TAB> based separation for hierarchical ordering. We have discovered however that MaxMSP is becoming unstable as soon as the INIT or stream contains more than 256 characters. Workarounds in MaxMSP for this don’t seem to work. So we need to find a solution for this.

Also now that we could actually connect the Statemachine we realise that all the other systems are prepared to send Inputs information but are not yet properly ready to function with the Output that is sended back. Because the SIL.UDP is still under development we need to readjust all the communication from and to all the systems every time… This is of course essential to fix but takes way too much time to be solved within these testing days. For this reason we try to do some quick and dirty connections between the systems to be able to play with the tracking, 3D engine and sound engine.

Arnaud from Z25.org and Marcel from DVTG are visiting to have  a look what we’re building. Ferdy has now the Reactivision and color-tracking running simultaneously with a 50% CPU-load (Intel Quad-core Q9400 (core to quad)). Have a look at the short video’s below…

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