Testingdays Performance Engine – Day 5

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Performance engine v02

P1010236.JPGSlow day today. Everything seems to come together but of course as soon as they are new bugs appear.

Ferdy has started to test again the Reactivision tracker. We have made a quick object with several markers to fool around with. Tracker works fine under optimal lighting conditions. Point is that Reactivision claims a webcam, so we need to have one reserved for this particular tracking only. For this reason we have removed the IR filter from one of the top-view camera’s. One can be used for the Reactivisiontracker and the other for the rest of the trackers. The IR-led tracking we might do only from a frontal position.

Jan-Jaap has figured out a way to change scenes in Unity form MaxMSP, this is great because we can make several scenes that can be loaded when needed. Also textures as movies now work. Only problem is that Unity wants to have its own directory structure, especially when making a standalone executable. So we need to figure out how external files, like textures, can be dynamically loaded into Unity form a different location. In this way we can use the Media repository as we want it and be more flexible with the usage of images and videos (either as source for the 2D engine or as texture for the 3D engine). Also extra variables need to be communicated to the Statemachine to be able to play and stop movie-textures.

Roderick G is doing great, the Audio engine is working fine! He now will optimize the communication with the Statemachine tomorrow.

We end the day with discussing what to do tomorrow. We agree that the morning will be used with connecting the systems to see what needs to be fixed and tuned. After lunch we want to start playing with one-on-one connections between several in- and ouputs through the Statemachine, and how to change states. Also hopefully the WII-mote needs to be fixed.


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