Testingdays Performance Engine – Day 4

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Performance engine v02

P1010035.JPGHad one day off because of Queensday, a national celebration day. It’s now friday and the last day of the first testsweek.

We have worked on setting up the video hardware setup. We unfortunately have to use two analogue EDIROL video-mixers (v4) because of financial reasons. Having a lot of computer as video input sources we have bought 4 Konign (cmp-telview2) Digital to Analogue video converters. The result is very poor quality. Needing to show also computer desktop GUI’s with readable text we now have a serious problem. A digital video-mixer with VGA/DVI input (prefereably with 8 inputs and at least 3 outputs) is completely unafordable. We are now working on a PAL resolution (720×576) with CVBS color (4 pin S-video). We have to solve this later, for now it is ok to test with.

Tim is off to Spain until tuesday. He has asked Tarik to make a CV.jitt mod to blob-sorting, so we can actually track more than one object without losing each assigned ID. Now we have the problem that ID’s of objects change on the basis of where the object is in the tracking window. Aparaently MaxMSP works from left to right and top to bottem in its sorting order and thus in assigning ID’s. As soon as objects change their positional order in relation to the tracking screen, the assigned ID’s change. In this way we cannot properly assign consistent behavior to a specific object. Hopefully Tarik’s solution will work.

[media id=6 width=560 height=304]

Today we have also tested connecting the color-tracking with the 3D engine. We have bougt three licenses of Unity 3D Pro to be able to use realtime shadows and (live) video texture streaming. We’re using the Miyu patch as a basis for connecting Unity to MaxMSP. It works just fine!

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