2nd Testnight: WII-mote

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IMG_7793.jpgAs stated in our last post about the ProjectieLAB we wanted to investigate the possibility to interact with the 3D objects that are projected. The interaction in the last setup we did with the Virtools object was already there through a mouse and keyboard, but being the research groups interest to actually perform with this technology we looked for a device with which a performer can stand in front of the projection instead of behind a computer. Also it is important to have a relationship between the interaction movement of the performer and the resulting response of the object. Read the rest of this entry »

Stereoscopy, 1st testnight

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IMG_7431_exposure.jpgOn 23rd of August we had our first testnight for the “ProjectieLAB” (Projection Labratory) at the office and workspace of Z25.org Foundation. We have tested a very simple setup with two beamers, polarization filters and glasses and a laptop with the NVDIA stereoscopic drivers. Although we didn’t manage to get two identical beamers and had only quite amateurish means to align them the result was very promising. Read the rest of this entry »

Silverscreen DIY

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IMG_7406.jpgNa onderzoek begonnen met het maken van een eigen Silverscreen voor stereoscopie projectie. Begonnen met een 4 mm MDF plaat van 1.20 m x 0.95m met aan 1 kant een plastic-coating (wit). Daar omheen twee houten frames gemaakt die de plaat met vleugelmoeren kan vastklemmen. Dit geeft mij de mogelijkheid om ook andere materialen in het frame te hangen. Read the rest of this entry »

Erasmus MC visit – The Ispace

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LangePoten, Stereoscopie

IMG_6149.jpgCarla arranged a meeting at the Erasmus Medical Center where they have a so called I-space (see Barco website for more information). We met with Dr. Anton Koning at the Department of Bioinformatics. They showed us first an interesting transparent foil that was put on a transparent perspex plate (see Glimm website for more information). The loss of light reflection was seemingly low enough to maintain the possibility for polarized stereoscopics. Read the rest of this entry »

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