Perf. Engine v0.2

performanceengine_v02_mei.pngThe Performance Engine is designed with a modular aproach. This means that its capabilities are divided in several modules and that the system is open to new additions. In this way many people can add their own specific modules to the system without them needing to rewrite them too thoroughly.

Version 0.2 consists of the following modules:

  1. Statemachine
  2. Tracking Engine
  3. 2d Engine
  4. 3d Engine
  5. Audio Engine
  6. Media repository

These modules are connected through so-called koppelpatches which can be roughly translated as connection-patches. In this way the in- and output information of the modules can be connected through the connecction-patches in the main module called the statemachine.  The statemachine can create so-called states that are in fact a list of logical connections of variables comming form the different modules. By creating several states a so-called scene can be made. Scenes can progress by several kind of triggers, being time wise or through other logical formula’s. In this way a scene is a set of states that can be changed during the performance.

Have a look at the image by clicking on the thumbnail above for a general impression of the system setup. More in-depth description of the components will follow soon.